IRG 1: Materials Science of Quantum Phenomena in van der Waals Heterostructures


IRG1 combines two-dimensional materials into van der Waals heterostructures (vdWH) hosting emergent quantum phenomena.  IRG1 focuses on foundational materials issues underlying this goal by synthesizing the highest-purity crystals of key layered systems and creating heterostructures with ultraclean and well-characterized interfaces. This rigorous approach will provide a true understanding of fundamental structure/property relationships in vdWH that is not present in the field today. Three classes of quantum phenomena – tunable superfluids, non-equilibrium states, and topological quantum states – motivate this work.  These phenomena underpin future quantum information, sensing and computing technologies.


Faculty LeadersLia Krusin-Elbaum, Abhay Pasupathy

2020-2021 IRG Fellow: Song Liu

Participating Researchers:  Katayun Barmak, Jennifer Cano, Cory Dean, James Hone, Lia Krusin-Elbaum, Vinod Menon, Andrew Millis, Abhay Pasupathy, Thomas Searles, Maria Tamargo, Xiaoyang Zhu

Funded Postdocs: Song Liu (Hone/Barmak), Yusong Bai (Zhu)

Funded Graduate Students: Xingzhou Yan (Hone), Sara Shabani (Pasupathy), Yuan Song (Pasupathy), Bumho Kim (Barmak), Adam Williams (Dean)