MRSEC Shared Equipment and Facilities

Please find below a list of shared equipment purchased by the PAQM MRSEC. To use this equipment, please reach out to the superuser or lab in charge of the facility.

  • UHV Heterostructure Assembly (706 NWC) - Superuser: Ted Chung
  • STM for Characterization (Havemeyer Hall) - Superuser: Madisen Holbrook
  • TMD Synthesis Facilities (1003 NWC) - Suepruser: Luke Holtzman
  • OF-CVD Graphene System (705 NWC) - Superuser: Jacob Amontree
  • Low-T Lab and PAQM Shared Cryostat (1108 NWC) - Superuser: Jordan Pack
  • Spectroscopy Lab and Carbide Pump Femtosecond Laser (1308 NWC) - Superuser: Nicholas Olsen
  • Arc Melter (148 Havemeyer Hall) - Roy Group
  • Synthesis Furnaces (900 Chandler) - Roy Group