Materials Innovators in Quantum Materials

Second Annual Materials Innovators Workshop on Quantum Materials

Materials Innovators in Quantum Materials 2023

Faculty from Howard and North Carolina A&T State Universities, the Cornell Center for Materials Research, the Center for Precision Assembled Quantum Materials at Columbia University and the CREST-IDEALS Center at City College of New York invite outstanding postdoctoral and graduate researchers to apply to the Materials Innovators Workshop to be held on the Columbia University campus on June 1st and 2nd, 2023.

This two-day event, to be held at The Forum at Columbia University's Manhattanville campus, will include an opportunity to present research talks as well as informal sessions aimed at career mentoring and networking. This year, the scientific focus of the meeting will be quantum materials.

Researchers from minority serving institutions (MSIs) and primarily-undergraduate institutions are encouraged to apply as are applicants from members of underrepresented groups in science; e.g., women, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities, and military veterans.

Our goal is to assemble a diverse group of participants, speakers and faculty to provide a broad array of perspectives. The program is designed to provide Materials Innovators with mentoring, to maximize networking opportunities, and to hold worthwhile discussions related to quantum materials.


The Columbia PAQM MRSEC would like to thank The Forum for its generous sponsorship of this event.

  • Present a 15 minute talk on their quantum materials research

  • Connect and network with peers from across quantum materials research areas.

  • Participate in panel discussions and professional development activities.

Materials Innovators in Quantum Materials 2023

We will assist Materials Innovators with domestic travel arrangements to Columbia University in New York, NY. The workshop will provide financial support for travel and lodging.

Meals during the event will be provided to maximize discussion and networking.

Please inquire ahead of time if any specific accommodations are required.

What is the possibility of program change due to COVID-19?
We look forward to an in-person event and in order to maximize networking and mentorship experiences, do not plan to move this program to a virtual forum. We are planning this event with safety precautions within Columbia COVID-19 guidelines to provide the greatest likelihood for the program to take place. If COVID-19 presents an unsafe situation, we will cancel or reschedule to the soonest possible time.

What are current safety precautions due to COVID-19?
Current Columbia COVID-19 protocols require a full first series of COVID-19 vaccinations (CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card or equivalent). Proof of vaccination must be shown upon request.

Who is eligible to apply?
All applications are welcome. This program is most timely for postdoctoral scholars and graduate students within about a year of completing their Ph.D, however all applications are welcome and will be considered.

If I have already received a job offer, am I eligible to apply?
Preference will be given to applicants who have not begun a tenure-track or industry position by the time of the workshop. Applicants who have begun a new position but feel that the workshop would be invaluable to them are encouraged to inquire.

Are applications restricted to U.S. citizens?
All applications are welcome, however due to limited funds for travel, the number of international attendees will be limited.

What financial support will be available to selected Materials Innovators?
Participants will receive financial support for travel. Lodging and meals will be provided during the event to maximize opportunities for discussion and networking.

When will I find out about acceptance to this event?
We plan to review applications soon after the April 10, 2023, deadline, and hope to inform applicants by early April.





DEADLINE: 11:59 PM on Monday APRIL 10, 2023


For questions and inquiries, please contact:

Jeff DeMars

Director of Programs and Outreach, Columbia MRSEC

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Tel: (212) 854-1890