Past Events


Archived Seminars

May 1, 2018. "Zinc Oxide Nanocrystals as Acceptors in Excited State Electron Transfer Reactions" by Wayne Gladfelter, University of Minnesota.

April 10, 2018. “Material Characterizations and Designs for Advanced Energy Storage” by Yuan Yang, Columbia University.

March 27, 2018. “Correlated Nanoelectronics” by Jeremy Levy, University of Pittsburgh.

February 27, 2018. Alexander Balatsky, UConn and Los Alamos.

February 20, 2018. Marco Polini, Instituto Italiano di Technologia.

February 6, 2018. Andrea Young, UC Santa Barbara.

January 23, 2018. Rongchao Jin, Carnegie Mellon University.

November 28, 2017. J. C. Seamus Davis, Cornell University.

November 14, 2017. James McCusker, Michigan State University.

October 24, 2017. Theodor Betley, Harvard University.

October 10, 2017. Xiaodong Xu, University of Washington.

October 3, 2017. Ken Burch, Boston College.

September 26, 2017. Elad Harel, Northwestern University.

September 19, 2017. Rebeca Ribeiro, Columbia University.

December 6, 2016. Mario Amado, Cambridge University.

November 15, 2016. David Goldhaber Gordon, Stanford University.

November 1, 2016. Dave Harris, Northwestern University.

October 18, 2016. Will Tisdale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

October 11, 2016. Joe Checkelsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

October 4, 2016. Michael Dickey, North Carolina State University. 

September 20, 2016. Ben Lear, Pennsylvania State University.

September 14, 2016. Libai Huang, Purdue University.

March 1, 2016. “Topologically nontrivial states of light and sound” by Alexander B. Khanikaev, Department of Physics, City University of New York.

February 23, 2016. “Designer Nanocrystal Materials for Electronics” by C. R. Kagan, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania.

February 9, 2016. “Superatoms: Novel Nanoscale Materials Using New Building Blocks” by S. N. Khanna, Department of Physics, Virginia Commonwealth University.

February 2, 2016. “Ultrafast dynamical processes in two-dimensional materials” by Aaron M. Lindenberg, Stanford University.

January 26, 2016. “Forces and Heat to understand and build the nano-world” by Elisa Riedo, ASRC Nanoscience Initiative, Professor of Physics, City College of New York.

January 19, 2016. “Assembly and Disassembly of Layered Materials” by Thomas E. Mallouk, Pennsylvania State University.

December 8, 2015. “Solar Energy with a Twist: Dynamic Disorder in Hybrid Perovskites” by Aron Walsh, Department of Chemistry, University of Bath, UK.

December 1, 2015. “Diversity Among Similarity: Programmed Assembly of Organic Solid State Frameworks” by Michael Ward, NYU MRSEC Director.

November 24, 2015. “Two tales of nanostructure engineering; Assembling nanomaterials from octahedral transition metal clusters” by Alex Beecher, Columbia University, and “Embedding PbS quantum dots in perovskites for efficient infrared light emission” by Trevor Hull, Columbia University.

November 20, 2015. “Two Types of Weyl Semimetals” by Bogdan (Andrei) Bernevig, Associate Professor of Physics, Princeton University. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

November 2, 2015. “Nano-photonic phenomena in van der Waals atomic layered materials” by Dimitri Basov, Department of Physics, UCSD.

October 27, 2015. “Optical Spectroscopy of Individual Carbon Nanotubes” by Associate Professor Feng Wang, Physics Department, UC Berkeley.

October 20, 2015. “Discovery of Weyl Fermion and Topological Fermi Arc Quasiparticles in Condensed Matter Systems” by Zahid Hasan, Department of Physics, Princeton University.

October 16, 2015. “Dynamically self-assembling materials based on molecular switches and inorganic nanocrystals” by Rafal Klajn, Department of Organic Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

October 6, 2015. “Local Probe Spectroscopy of 2D van der Waals Heterostructures” by Matt Yankowitz, Department of Physics, University of Arizona.

September 29, 2015. “Exciton Fission & Solar Energy Conversion Beyond the Limit” by Prof. Xiaoyang Zhu, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University.

September 22, 2015. “Design of functional materials from nanometer building blocks” by Dmitri V. Talapin, Department of Chemistry and James Franck Institute, University of Chicago.

September 9, 2015. ““Electron Optics with Graphene p-n Junction” by Shaowen Chen, Graduate Student, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics” by Prof. Gordana Dukovic, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Colorado Boulder.(MRSEC Special Seminar)

September 8, 2015. “Superconductivity in 2D” by Prof. Cory Dean, Department of Physics, Columbia University. “Electron Optics with Graphene p-n Junction” by Shaowen Chen, Graduate Student, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, Columbia University.

August 14, 2015. “Tailoring Nanostructure and Interfaces for Sustainable Solar Energy Conversion.” Prof. Shihe Yang, Department of Chemistry, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR, China. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

August 7, 2015. “Local Field Control on the Nanoscale and Beyond.” Prof. Walter Pfeiffer, Fakultät für Physik, Universität Bielefeld, Universitätsstr. Bielefeld, Germany. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

June 30, 2015. “In-situ photoelectron spectroscopy at the liquid-nanoparticle and liquid-air interface.” Giorgia Olivieri, Laboratory of Surface Science and Technology, Department of Materials, ETH Zürich, Switzerland. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

June 29, 2015. “Static and dynamic disorder in organic semiconductors and their influence on device performance.” Roger Haeusermann, Takeya Lab., Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

June 19, 2015. “2D Crystals for Smart Life.” Kaustav Banerjee, University of California, Santa Barbara. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

May 5, 2015. “Modern Quantum Chemistry.” Garnet Kin-Lic Chan, Department of Chemistry, Princeton University. (MRSEC)

April 30, 2015. “Simulating strong light-matter interactions: a TDDFT perspective.” Angel Rubio, Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg, Germany. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

April 28, 2015 “Recent advances in quantum structure infrared photodetector.” David Ting, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. (MRSEC)

April 21, 2015. “Correlated Motion, Quantum Dissipation, Mutamers: Insight into the Chemistry and Physics of Crystalline Arrays of Molecular Rotors.” Patrick Batail. Laboratory MOLTECH, CNRS and University of Angers, France. (MRSEC)

April 17, 2015. “Quantum Controlled based Bio-assays and Bio-imaging.” Applied Physics, University of Geneva, 22 Ch. de Pinchat, 1211 Geneva 4 (Switzerland). (MRSEC)

April 17, 2015. “Carbon Nanotubes to replace Indium in Flexible Devices.” Dr. Esko I. Kauppinen, Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University School of Science, Finland. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

April 15, 2015. “Chemical Problems and Solutions for Nanomaterials at the 2D Limit.” Tina Salguero, Department of Chemistry, University of Georgia. (MRSEC Special Seminar)

April 13, 2015. “2D Nanoarchitectonics with Oxide Nanosheets.” Takayoshi Sasaki, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan. (MRSEC)

April 7, 2015. “New Routes in Low-Energy Electron Microscopy: Contactless Imaging of Unoccupied Bands and Charge Transport on the Nanoscale.” Johannes Jobst, Department: Huygens-Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratorium, Leiden University. (MRSEC)

March 31, 2015. “ ‘Super-atoms’ to ‘Super-molecules’: Cobalt Chalcogenide Clusters as Precise Building Blocks for Functional Nanomaterials.” Anouck Champsaur and Alexandra Velian, Dept. of Chemistry, Columbia University. (MRSEC)

March 24, 2015.  “Building new edge states in twisted bilayer graphene: quantum spin Hall state and electron-hole bilayers.” Javier Sanchez-Yamagishi, Department of Physics, MIT. (MRSEC)

March 10, 2015. “Transport in single crystal methylammonium lead triiodide perovskites: Hall Effect and Photocurrent.” Octavi E. Semonin, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University. (MRSEC)

February 24, 2015. “Understanding the basic science of 2D systems to explain their material and device properties.” Nader Zaki, Applied Physics & Applied Math, Columbia University. (MRSEC)

February 20, 2015. “Harvesting and Storage of Ambient Energy for Distributed Sensors Using Printed Electronic Circuits – Power for the Internet of Things.” Prof. Donald Lupo, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Tampere University of Technology. (MRSEC)

February 17, 2015. “Oxide Nanoelectronics on Demand.” Jeremy Levy, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh. (MRSEC)

February 16, 2015. “Manipulating Strong Light-Matter Interactions In Graphene and 2D Semiconductors.” Sufei Shi, UC Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. (MRSEC)

February 10, 2015. “Wavelength Tunable Lead Halide Perovskite Nanowire Lasers with Low Lasing Thresholds and High Quality Factors.” Haiming Zhu, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University. (MRSEC)

February 3, 2015. “Inspired by Nature: Robust Excitons In Soft Supra-Molecular Nanotubes.” Dörthe M. Eisele, Chemistry Department, City College of New York (CCNY) of City University of New York (CUNY). (MRSEC)

January 30, 2015. “Weakly Bound and Strongly Interacting: 1T-TaS2 in the Two-Dimensional Limit.” Wei Tsen, Department of Physics, Columbia University. (MRSEC)

January 20, 2015. “Atomistic Insights into Reactive and Catalytic Transformations Obtained One Nanocrystal At a Time.” Prashant K. Jain, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. (MRSEC)