IRG 2: Creating Multifunctional Materials From Superatoms

Leaders:  Colin Nuckolls, Xiaoyang Zhu
Participating Researchers: Louis Brus, Angelo Cacciuto, Ann McDermott, Andrew Millis, Jonathan Owen, David Reichman, Xavier Roy, Michael Steigerwald, Latha Venkataraman, Luis Campos, Andrew Crowther
Collaborators: John Hill (Brookhaven), Jonathan Malen (Carnegie Mellon), Timothy Mueller (Dupont), James Misewich (Brookhaven), Theo Siegrist (Florida State), Eric Stach (Brookhaven), George Tulevski (IBM), 
The emergence of unanticipated collective properties in clusters of atoms, which we call “superatoms,” offers a new class of fundamental building units that can be used to extend the atomic periodic table for the development of new materials. IRG2 will assemble superatoms into new classes of functional materials using precisely defined clusters assembled through new forms of inter-cluster chemical bonding. This approach will produce entirely new families of materials, offering the attractive proposition of encoding desirable physical properties in the building blocks with exquisite control of inter-superatom interaction to create materials with tunable and multiple functionalities.